Benefits of Scoliosis Back Brace

Scoliosis is a spine medical condition that can be cause by cerebral palsy or muscle dystrophy that can appear at any time of life. This condition is characterized by a curvature of the spine. This can create posture issues such as one shoulder to sit higher than the other or one hip to be pushed forward causing pain and discomfort.

In most of the patients it is possible to stabilize or correct spinal curvature and deformity. The best results are achieved in case where the treatment is started early, before the skeletal has matured. So it is important to adhere to treatment in order to correct or at least preventing the condition from worsening.

The therapeutic goals differ by age groups ( adult vs children ) and also by severity ( mild vs moderate vs severe )of the condition. This is where some specialists recommend the use of back brace scoliosis.

How Scoliosis Back Brace Can Benefit You?

With the goal of improving the overall posture, providing pain relief and stopping or at least slowing curve progression. The back brace has been used by adults as well as children with this condition to correct movement to the spine, supporting muscular structure, and reinforcing the spinal column. The posture brace is made of elastic bands that can support the back.

This therapeutic approach is also providing significant pain reduction because the brace reduces pressure on the joints. The muscle tissues are re-educated in order to prevent degeneration of the spinal joints and compression of the chest cavity ( which can lead to  vital organs failure).

In planning scoliosis treatment, the specialist physician will take into account where the curvature of the spine occurs and how severe the spine curve it is. The age of the patient is also an important factor to consider. For children who have their spine still growing the chances of fully correction are higher.


In general, spinal curves greater than 50 degrees require surgery in order to correct the posture. For spinal curves between 25 and 50 degrees a posture brace is usually the preferred treatment. Especially if you have signs of scoliosis progressing, it is more likely that your doctor will recommend a specially designed posture brace. Bracing will help at least a scoliosis curve from getting worse if not fully correcting the posture.The prognosis of the scoliosis treatment depends on the degree of the spinal curve and the age of the patient.

Research studies show that using  back brace for scoliosis can help correct the spinal posture or at least keep the spinal curve from worse. It is most likely that the spinal curve will get smaller when it is being held in the posture brace. The curve may stay smaller even after the bracing treatment but in other cases it may eventually go back to its original size after you stop wearing the brace.

Usually, your orthopedist  will work with your primary primary doctor taking into account your lifestyle and daily activities to recommend a brace.  The kind of brace depends on factors, such as: how flexible your curve is, where the curve is located on your spine, the position and rotation of the spine vertebrae, the number of curves you have, and/or the presence of other medical conditions.

How To Get The Best Scoliosis Back Brace?

There are numbers of vendors out there where you can find different types of braces, AMAZON.COM being the largest online retailer and some others that  I will be listing here in the near future.

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