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Kyrobak is a back pain relief device that uses oscillatory motion in a continuous way to alleviate your back pain. It is made by Radianty Kyrobak. Watch the youtube video of Kyrobak Review below and see some of the most important feature of the device.

How Does Kyrobak work? Kyrobak Scam?

Based on a oscillation therapy that has been in the medical field for long, the kyrobak uses continuous passive movement at high frequency to relax joints by increasing mobility and this will decrease lower back pain.  This result can be obtained if using the device for 10 minutes per days ( based on clinical studies).


To know if this device is a scam or not, it is too early but based on clinical studies it shows promises for people with back pain. Also customers reviews are mostly positive  needless to mention that there are some customers who are not happy with the devices. But most of them give it a great review.

I also have to mention that Radiancy ( the maker of this product) is not new in the market, they have created other products such as No!No! massage which  is also a successful product right now.

Check the video above to know more about this lower back relief device and how to operate it. So here is a little description:

Check the video above to know more about this lower back relief device and how to operate it. So here is a little description:

Kyrobak-customer-reviews amazonDevice Feature:

* Cushion

* Handle

* Power supply Connection

*Treatment Speed Button



As any medical devices, Kyrobak price is not cheap ( 299$)  but the maker has some perks to go along the device such as free shipping, Discounted price for a second devices, up to 2 years warranty, comfortable mat.


Kyrobak Mat Reviews


This Kyrobak mat (mat by Kyrobak) will help maximize the benefit of kyrobak treatment. Made with anti-slip material, its design will help you maintain you position whether you use it  on a carpet or hardwood floor. This is a must have because it is lighter, durable washable, portable meaning it is better than regular yoga mat. You can purchase this mat on AMAZON HERE.

Kyrobak Pressurepoint Multi‑Position Pillow

The Pressurepoint Multi‑Position Pillow by Kyrobak  also called Treatment Pillow is an addition for an effective treatment. Due to its small size, this pillow can be used as a travel pillow, bed pillow or even in the office. With 14 different positions for treatment, the pillow is firm enough to provide relief.

Read Kyrobak Amazon Reviews for Kyrobak Pressurepoint Multi‑Position Pillow

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